Mr. Nguyen Bao Hoang: Vietnam remains attractive to IT investors

(From left) Nguyen Bao Hoang, managing general partner of IDG Ventures Vietnam, Tran Van Lang, deputy minister of science and technology, Huy Do, chairman...

14/11/2010 11:58 am | 1 Phản hồi

Henry Nguyen: Vietnam doesn’t want too much influence from China

Henry Nguyen, investor The volume of trade already tops $8bn a year and the US is a substantial investor in Vietnam. One of those investors is...

15/07/2010 1:38 pm | 0 Phản hồi

Henry Nguyen decided to stay in Vietnam

Henry Nguyen Henry Nguyen Nguyen was 18 months old when his family when to USA in 1975, known in Vietnam as “the American War.” He grew up in the United States, graduated...

14/07/2010 3:50 am | 0 Phản hồi

Henry B. Nguyen: Managing General Partner IDG Ventures Vietnam

Henry B. Nguyen Henry Nguyen currently serves as the Managing General Partner of IDG Ventures Vietnam, a $100 million fund focused on technology, media,...

14/07/2010 3:44 am | 0 Phản hồi

Mr. Nguyen Bao Hoang: IDG Ventures in partnership with two more firms

DG founder and chairman Patrick MCGovern (R) and Nguyen Bao Hoang, ICG Ventures Vietnam managing general partner (L) poses with David Dzialowski...

08/08/2008 2:50 am | 0 Phản hồi
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