Henry Nguyen: Vietnam doesn’t want too much influence from China

Đăng bởi: Ban Biên Tập ngày: 15/07/2010 1:38 pm 0 Phản hồi

Henry Nguyen, investor

(English) - The volume of trade already tops $8bn a year and the US is a substantial investor in Vietnam.

One of those investors is Henry Nguyen.

Henry’s father is a civil engineer who worked for the Americans and when to the US in 1975. Henry was a tiny baby at the time and grew up “an all-American kid”.

But in his 20s, he was drawn back to his roots and now runs a major venture capital business in Vietnam.

Both the US and Vietnam, he said, are drawn together by trade but there are also very clear political and security issues relating to China.

“Vietnam… doesn’t want too much influence from China and, at the same time, tries to balance out with the US and vice-versa,” he said.

What with trade, geo-politics, kinship, tourism and the generation gap, the direction of Vietnam/ US relations seems irreversible.


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